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Celebrating ACR's Recognition as a Gold Badge Fair Chance Employer

We are thrilled to announce a significant achievement for Axiom Community of Recovery (ACR): recognition as a Gold Badge Employer by the Fair Chance Employer Program developed by the Jobs & Economy Impact Maker Team, a Valley Leadership program. This incredible accomplishment is a testament to ACR's unwavering dedication to fostering a supportive environment and fostering the growth of its workforce.

Earning the Gold Badge

The Fair Chance Employer Badge isn't just a symbol; it's a commitment to change and progress. At its core, the badge represents a business's pledge to champion fair chance employment practices. In a world where opportunity often eludes those with current or former justice involvement, ACR's receipt of the Gold Badge is an emblem of hope and inclusivity. Workforce shortages and unequal employment conditions have long been pressing; ACR is addressing these challenges. By embracing fair chance employment, ACR is making a difference in the lives of individuals seeking to rebuild their careers and contribute to a more diverse and empowered workforce.

How Does ACR Qualify?

Earning a Fair Chance Employer Badge is an accomplishment that reverberates throughout the community. It's a way for businesses to communicate their commitment to equitable employment practices proudly. ACR's receipt of the Gold Badge reflects its adherence to the program's specific criteria at the highest tier.

The Gold Badge signifies ACR's dedication to creating a workplace culture that uplifts every team member. By diversifying its workforce with skilled individuals and promoting an inclusive environment, ACR sets an inspiring example for other businesses.

Valley Leadership’s Impact Council awarded the badge to ACR. This council plays a vital role in guiding the strategic direction of Valley Leadership’s Impact Teams within the Impact Maker program. Through regular meetings and insightful input, the Impact Council ensures that the efforts of organizations like ACR are aligned with the greater mission of positive workforce development systems change.

A Future of Empowerment and Progress

As ACR proudly displays its Gold Badge from the Fair Chance Employer Program, we are celebrating our achievements and paving the way for a future where equal workforce opportunities are a reality for all. This accomplishment is a shared victory that inspires businesses everywhere to prioritize fairness, inclusivity, and growth. ACR is dedicated to creating a supportive atmosphere and advancing the growth and development of our workforce.

For more information about the Valley Leadership Fair Chance Employer Program and its impact, visit this link and stay tuned for more updates on ACR's journey of empowerment and progress!

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