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Peer-to-peer connection is at the heart of our mission, programs, and services. Sharing our lived experience is key to helping individuals to obtain and sustain long-term recovery. 

Support Group

Peer Recovery Support Services

Our Peer Recovery Coaches have lived experience with addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. They aim to help individuals achieve long-term recovery and maintain overall health and well-being. They accomplish this by assisting individuals in increasing their recovery capital through recovery planning, setting personal life goals, and regular self-evaluation of engagement.

What is recovery capital?

  • Social Capital: resources an individual has as a result of their support relationships (family, friends, obligations to programs and groups to which they belong)

  • Physical Capital: tangible assets – home, job, money, all of which can increase recovery stability

  • Human Capital: skills, positive health, aspirations, hopes, and personal resources that will enable the individual to prosper

  • Cultural Capital: values, beliefs, and attitudes that link to pro-social behaviors and the ability to be part of a community and a contributor to society

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