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With your financial support, we can continue to support and inspire our recovery community members to become change agents within our community.  


Donate in Support of Recovery

Nearly two-thirds of Arizona residents have friends or family members who have struggled with alcohol or other drug problems. Research shows that tens of thousands of Arizona residents live in recovery, and many more are currently struggling with substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders. 

While enrolling in an addiction treatment program is an important step on the pathway to recovery, it is typically just the first of many steps a person must take if they want to establish and sustain a healthier, substance-free life. Learning to cope with the daily challenges of employment, stable housing, family and social relationships, and legal issues while building a full life in recovery is challenging.

As a nonprofit Recovery Community Organization, we provide evidence-based peer recovery support services and safe, affordable recovery housing to address the specific needs of individuals recovering from substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders. These services center on SAMHSA's four dimensions of recovery: home, health, purpose, and community, and work to build the protective factors and resilience needed to sustain a life in recovery. 

Our services promote well-being in several ways, such as managing symptoms, achieving and maintaining abstinence, promoting harm reduction models, increasing access to community resources, reducing roadblocks to employment, and helping secure positive social networks. 

With your financial support, we can continue to support our recovery community members and increase capacity and access to evidence-based peer recovery support services across Arizona.

For donations, please make checks payable to Axiom Community of Recovery. You can mail your checks to  3030 N Central Ave Suite #506 Phoenix, AZ 85012.

ACR's Tax ID Number: 45-4743181.

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